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Copy Controller is Activation key base licensing system for VB./.Net App Get some customize information from your
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21 December 2014

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A tool that lets you control the number of authorized copies of software products.

Copy Controller is an activation key based licensing system for .NET framework and VB6 applications. You need to get some specific information from client’s PC. This is used as a unique key to generate an activation key that can be given to customer as the license key. That will ensure the software product runs in the authorized machine only. It is possible to add some custom information in the activation string being sent to the customer. It will not be necessary for the client to contact you time and again for the license key when something happens to it and the client needs to install the software again. The same activation key will work every time as it is specific to the hardware configuration of the PC the client is using.

This is compatible with Windows. Versions such as Windows 95, 98 right through to version 7. You are able to protect unlimited number of software products. You do not need to support the system with any extra cost on additional hardware like dongles, keys, etc. The Copy Controller is made of complex software protection techniques and PC hardware details. You do not have any additional cost involved based on how many copies of your product either. There is just one fee, no royalties. The client provides the required details through the easy to understand interface. The license generator is integrated into product and the complete process is very simple.

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Copy Controller is Activation key base licensing system for .NET framework and VB6 applications.
Get some customize information(as per requirement) from your client PC in the form of a key(Unique Code).
You can give activation key to the Client that allows his software to work as a license software.
It also lets you to pass some customize information(as per requirement) in activation key.
When a client FORMATs his PC, he can run your software with the old activation key. Many a times your Client does not contact you for Activation key (Because activation key has some PC hardware details, activation key is for a particular PC, So it will not work in other PCs).
Windows 95/98/Me to Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista and Windows 7
Royalty Free
This software Copy-Protects unlimited number of your softwares with no additional cost or hardware (dongles, keys etc.). Copy Controller is made of complex software protection technique and PC hardware details.Licence Protector is delivered with the Royalty-Free model. You pay once and you can distribute your software to an unlimited number of customers.
Copy Controller
Copy Controller
Version 2.0
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